Edge Racing Chassis

After building chassis for one of the leading Mod Lite companies I realized there was a need for a change in the way the cars were designed and thought of, keeping up with the latest trends in balance and handling. In late 2012 I was given the opportunity to take the ideas I had and make it a reality…EDGE racing was born!

The first Edge Chassis prototype, the one you see in the pictures, has worked as good as I had hoped. In its first test on the track, during each pit stop the driver (James Hill,2013 Eastbay National Champion) main theme was the cars “incredible balance.” The very next week the car was put to the test in its first race and a strong second place finish showed promise for the new design.

Week by week we tested and worked on the prototype learning what the car likes on different track conditions. Finally, after 9 weeks of testing we decided it was time to put the testing on hold and go for it all. We were thrilled with the results, setting fast MPH average at almost 2MPH faster than the 6 time feature winner and 6/10 faster ET. Then went on to win the next 2 races, for 3 in a row!